We secure transformational leaders

Clients utilize HRG Search when they need to secure leaders who will transform their organizations. We offer proven sourcing methodologies that target “Transformational Leaders”, and recruit today’s stars; directly, aggressively, and relentlessly.

  • We continuously build and nurture relationships with these “A” level professionals across a broad cross section of industries
  • We offer up-to-date and innovative company and candidate research for each engagement (“home cooking, not fast food”), supplemented by a proprietary database of national/international business leaders
  • We scrub our candidates so thoroughly our turnover rate is less than 2% in the first year
  • More than 72% of our placed candidates are promoted within the first two to three years

Our diverse multi-industry expertise enables us to be effective across a multitude of disciplines. Our strength and experience base is completing senior leadership and executive engagements in the six-figure plus income bracket.

HRG Search secures executive talent for our clients that:

  • Have a strong ability to adapt and make decisions quickly
  • Are strategic in their orientation
  • Possess a clear track record of significant achievements
  • Are known for their high integrity
  • Have taken their organization to higher performance levels
Our candidates transform organizations.


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