Uncompromised service combined with time tested processes.

HRG Search understands that retained search clients are sophisticated business leaders who expect results and a high level of service. Our clients appreciate the simplicity of a single point of consultant contact throughout the ENTIRE process – they want to know that they will interact with the same search consultant from the initial introduction to the acquisition of their final candidate selection. Our processes are designed for this seamless interaction with our clients. We provide this same service to our candidates because high performing talent expects a high level of service.


How do we achieve superior results?

Our Process Targets: “Transformational Leaders.” We recruit today’s stars; directly, aggressively, and relentlessly. We offer fresh company and candidate research for each engagement (home cooking, not fast food), supplemented by a proprietary database of international business leaders. We “vet” our candidates so thoroughly that our turnover rate is less than 2% in the first year. More than 72% of our placed candidates are promoted within the first two and a half years.     While our overall process is much more detailed than we can share in a process map, you can get an idea as to what each candidate goes through with us below.


With 28 years of search experience securing “Transformational Leaders” for Fortune 500 firms, we’re saying thank you!

Refer a client to HRG Search and we will either make a donation of up to $5,000 in you or your firm’s name to your designated charitable organization or reduce your fees up to $5,000 for a search engagement!

For additional information, or to schedule a brief complimentary consultation, please Contact Us.

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